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Doc McStuffins is aimed at the age group 3 years and above.  The TV series and the great toys accompanied will keep your child amused for hours. Your Children will be learning a fantastic lesson when watching and playing with Doc McStuffins Toys, which provide helpful tips on self-care and caring for others.

Doc emulates her mother by running a clinic that “fixes” dolls and stuffed animal toys. She has a few stuffed animal friends who include Lambie, Hallie and Chilly that help her in her efforts and at the end of the show she gives advice to those watching her show about how to stay healthy.

The Doc McStuffin TV series was first televised on the 1st October 2012 in the UK on Disney Junior.

We sell Doc McStuffins Toys related the very new, extremely popular animated series that is going to be the talk of the town with lots of kids this Year. There are no products for now, but there is a whole host of merchandise planned for the near future so stay tuned!

We are currently sourcing new suppliers for all Doc McStuffins merchandise. We will hope to bring you some of the best offers on the web very soon.

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Doc McStuffins Doll
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Doc McStuffins has all the makings of a longstanding popular toy for young girls, which bring back cherished memories for parents that created a homemade surgery for their sick toys as a child themselves. This wonderful idea helps children helps promote a more caring attitude towards others. Each young child has a natural ability to care for others, but this can be diminished as the child grows older if not promoted enough. Children adore their soft toys, so it makes sense to encourage a little caring towards them so they can be enjoyed for a lot longer. How often does a child break a cherished toy when all it takes is a small am mount of extra care to keep that toy ‘alive’?

Doc McStuffins looks after her toys well. Regular checkups in Doc's surgery mean that all her toys have been given a thorough investigation for any 'medical' problems they may have (like losing some of their stuffing fluff). Doc can then start to 'fix' them with a small amount of surgery. Doc has a very re assuring voice to make all her toys feel more comfortable about visiting her surgery. She gains this wonderful attribute from her Mother who is a 'real' Doctor.

There are a number of books available to buy that are wonderful to read to your child at bedtime. Each story portrays Doc as a great doctor to know and someone who is always there to help. There is a DVD being released to accompany the TV series which is sure to be a popular product. We predict the sentence "can we watch it again please?" being one that is heard time and again.

A must-have for caring for your sick toys is the Doctors Bag. Inside the bag, there is a wide selection of pretend medical instruments like: stethoscope, otoscope, and syringe to help young doctors cure their sick patients. These pretend accessories are safe for children to play with. The recommended age is 3 years and above.

Doc McStuffins has her regular toys to care for, and you can buy these if you wish. Stuffy, Hallie, Chilly are her favourite toys. You can collect them all.

We hope that we have given you a good idea of what Doc is all about. Remember to pop back to see the new merchandise that becomes available.

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